Little bitty Sous Vide Burger!

I know the unbelievably huge burger has been done many times, but I had never

Frog Strips, not just another chicken strip!

I wanted to try something different. Something I thought no one had tried before. As

Franken Bacon Sirloin part Deux! (More Better)!

The first FrakenSirloin came out with a lot of promise, but I felt missed the

Home Made Chicken Breast Deli Meat!

  The majority of the formed and pressed chicken breast deli meat is ground up

Salmon Tuna Burgers!

  A curious combination of rough chopped salmon and tuna! I started by skinning the

Franken Sirloin Roast!

So, it is a misconception that marinades penetrate deep into meat if given enough time.

Sous Vide Hamburgers!

A tip that a chef friend of mine gave me a long time ago is

Last Night’s Dinner! Sous Vide Ribs!

I dusted the ribs with Smoked paprikka, salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, cumin, and