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Sous Vide Roladen, with Spatzel!

I looked around a good bit and was not able to find where anyone had

19.5lb Whole Chuck Roast Pastrami

I made this a while ago, before I was blogging so I didn’t take as

Kalbi! Korean Beef Short ribs Sous Vide!

This is a house favorite. Fairly simple to make, and it always gets decimated. I

Simple Sous Vide Strip Steak Dinner! Faux aging is involved!

I spotted a good deal on some nice looking strip steaks at the store the

Little bitty Sous Vide Burger!

I know the unbelievably huge burger has been done many times, but I had never

Franken Bacon Sirloin part Deux! (More Better)!

The first FrakenSirloin came out with a lot of promise, but I felt missed the

Franken Sirloin Roast!

So, it is a misconception that marinades penetrate deep into meat if given enough time.

Sous Vide Hamburgers!

A tip that a chef friend of mine gave me a long time ago is