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Sous Vide method used in all of these dishes

Sous Vide Roladen, with Spatzel!

I looked around a good bit and was not able to find where anyone had

Sous Vide Goetta! Its whats for breakfast!

Ok, so Goetta does not make for a particularly appetizing picture, but I think everyone

Sous vide fried potatoes with fresh Rosemary and Thyme

Time and Temp: 1hr Sous Vide 15-20min fry Ingredients: Potatoes (Russets, Reds, Yukon Golds, any

19.5lb Whole Chuck Roast Pastrami

I made this a while ago, before I was blogging so I didn’t take as

Sous Vide Royal Red Shrimp Alfredo!

My friends at ABSeafood brought the fish truck up from the gulf again recently so

Sous Vide Crab Cakes. No Fillers!

So the local fish truck delivery from ABSeafood showed up, and as usual had some

Bacon and Trigger Fish wrapped Blue Crab!

I paid a visit to the good folks that run the ABSeafood fish delivery truck,

Kalbi! Korean Beef Short ribs Sous Vide!

This is a house favorite. Fairly simple to make, and it always gets decimated. I

Simple Sous Vide Strip Steak Dinner! Faux aging is involved!

I spotted a good deal on some nice looking strip steaks at the store the

Grouper fillet’s sous vide with sunburst squash and local bicolor corn!

So I had 2 beautiful grouper fillets that I got from an outfit that brings

Bull Shark, it’s whats for dinner!

I discovered a company that makes a trip up here twice a month from the

Little Scallops into BIG Scallops!

I was trolling through the supermarket, and was trying to think of some sort of

Little bitty Sous Vide Burger!

I know the unbelievably huge burger has been done many times, but I had never

Frog Strips, not just another chicken strip!

I wanted to try something different. Something I thought no one had tried before. As

Franken Bacon Sirloin part Deux! (More Better)!

The first FrakenSirloin came out with a lot of promise, but I felt missed the