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About Dadbert

I am a widowed dad of 3 wonderful kids that I am truly blessed to have.  I now have a Beautiful girlfriend that my kids and I love very much, that we get to see on the weekends. I love to cook, and I insist that no matter how hectic life is, I want my kids to have at least one good home cooked meal per day. This is quintessential to a close family in my opinion.

Being as I have a full time job, It is not always easy to be able to put food on the table right after work, so I have learned to do a lot of prep work when I do have time. I lean HEAVILY on Sous Vide and a large upright deep freeze for this.

I scout the markets for bargains. When I do find a great deal I will buy as much as I can reasonably afford, process it all at once, and freeze (still vacuum packed from the Sous Vide cooking). This way I can pull out a protein, drop it back in the Sous Vide for a period to thaw, then finish the preparation.

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