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Picanha, Sous Vide!


Picanha is a cut that is pretty much impossible to find here, though very common in Brazillian cuisine. After finally putting my hands on one, I fully understand the draw. It is tender, but has some chew. It is loaded with that great beefy flavor that comes with sirloin.

A little more about picanha from wikipedia.


Salt and meat in the bag. I let them marry for 2 days in the fridge in a vacuum sealed bag, then processed.


I processed 128 degrees for 6hrs, Shocked down, blotted dry, then left under a vent to further dry for about an hour.

After that I put them under a high broiler about mid way down in my oven with the steaks stacked, fat cap up to render some fat, and start the crisp.

I then layed them flat and raised the rack to just under the broiler to sear.

A short 5min rest and slice.

Pure Heaven!

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  1. David Hicks says:

    Looks great!!!

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