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DadBert Dinners Potatos,Sous Vide,Vegtables Sous vide fried potatoes with fresh Rosemary and Thyme

Sous vide fried potatoes with fresh Rosemary and Thyme

Time and Temp: 1hr Sous Vide 15-20min fry

Ingredients: Potatoes (Russets, Reds, Yukon Golds, any potato really), Fresh Herbs (I like Rosemary and Thyme), Good olive oil.

I like to make these potato’s instead of fries because I can get more “non fried” potato WITH skins (in comparison to french fries) into my children and still give them a treat.

Another nice thing about this recipe is that I can make several bags at a time, and after SV they store very nicely in the fridge. I can pull a bag out with little notice and have a nice starch side dish ready to go in 15-20 minutes. any extra olive oil can be used for other dishes (the oil is fantastic to baste on a traditional roasted chicken, or to drizzle over rice).

I start out by washing and halving the potato’s.

Then I seal them in a bag with generous amounts of olive oil, fresh Rosemary, fresh Thyme, and a little bit of salt.

I Sous Vide them at 185 degrees for 1 hour.

At this point you can see the color of the herbs has dulled and the color of the olive oil has become even more green. The smell of the herbs is intoxicating when you open the bag.

I carefully remove the spent herbs trying to keep as much of the solids as I can from breaking off into the liquid gold (AKA: herb infused olive oil).

I preheat a cast iron skillet. Once heated I put in enough of the herbed olive oil to come about 1/4″ up the sides of the potato’s, then put the potato’s in flesh side down.

I let them fry fairly low, we want a nice thick crunch on the outside. Move the potato’s around as needed to ensure even browning across the surface of all of the potato’s. It takes 15-20 minutes to get a nice golden brown crust.

So here we have it creamy moist tender crispy potato’s! Now there is nothing left to do but eat!

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