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DadBert Dinners Beef,Sous Vide 19.5lb Whole Chuck Roast Pastrami

19.5lb Whole Chuck Roast Pastrami

I made this a while ago, before I was blogging so I didn’t take as many pictures of the process as I normally would, but I figured people might like to see it anyway.

My local Kroger had chuck roasts at a VERY good price point, so I thought I would try and make a whole one into a giant pastrami.


  • 19.5lb Butcher Packer whole chuck roast
  • #1 curing salt
  • Salt
  • Black Pepper
  • Whole corriander
  • Whole yellow mustard seeds
  • Papprikka
  • Garlic powder
  • Onion Powder

Here is where it all began.

I applied my mixture of salt and #1pink salt then put it in the fridge to cure.

Here we are after about a week.

I wanted to spped the curing process up and as it was the whole chuck would not fit on the bed of my slicer, so I decided to split it lengthwise and apply a little more cure to the exposed surfaces. This was actually interesting as I could see how far the cure has penetrated after a week.

And here we are after a few more days

After a few weeks I packaged the two roasts in pleated foodsaver bags packed with my pastrami spices all over the surface of the roasts, and sous vide them in a big cooler at 140 degrees for 36 hours. I shocked the temperature down on them then cold smoked for 12 hrs with hickory dust. (I didn’t take pictures of this part).

After that I sliced, packaged and froze.

Now there’s nothing left to do but eat!


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