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Sous Vide Royal Red Shrimp Alfredo!


My friends at ABSeafood brought the fish truck up from the gulf again recently so it was time to pay them a visit. I had seen these “Royal Red” Shrimp listed on their board several times, and had just sort of looked over them. I mean with all of that great fresh seafood, why would I fool around with shrimp? I already have about 15lb of “off the boat” jumbo shrimp vacpacked and frozen that I picked up in GA last time I was there. Boy was I wrong!

I was curious though, what makes these shrimp so different? So I did a little research on Royal Red Shrimp, and there just isn’t a lot of information out there about them, other that they are fished way off shore, in VERY deep water, and that their texture and flavor is something in between shrimp and lobster. OK, I’m sold, sign me up for 5lb!

Ingriedients list:

  • Royal Red Shrimp
  • Butter
  • Garlic
  • Flour
  • Pasta
  • Fresh Basil

Sous Vide temp for Shrimp was 130 degrees, for 20 minutes.


WOW! Look at these beauties! I’m 6’3″, so that’s not a little hand.

I remove the shells and deveined them, reserving the shells to make stock. I put the shells into a vacuum bag with a cup or so of water, then vacuum sealed, then dropped them into the sous vide bath at 185 degrees for about an hour while I got everything else ready.


I Sous Vide the shrimp with a little butter at 130 degrees for 20 minutes.

In the mean time, I rendered out some bacon, and started a roux.I kept my roux pretty blonde, I brought it to the “straw” color stage and went with it. I just wanted to cook some of the raw flour taste out.

I added my shrimp stock from the Sous Vide shells, the butter from the bag that I cooked the shrimp in, some half and half, and some microplaned Parmesan.

I kept my seasoning fairly simple just a little fresh microplaned nutmeg, fresh tellicherry black pepper, a pinch of ground celery seed, and some garlic powder. At this point I began to whisk until it thickened up to where I wanted the sauce.

I made a bed of pasta, scattered soem of the crunch bacon bits, and some julianned fresh basil, then arranged the shrimp and put a small ladle of the sauce in the middle.

The Royal Red shrimp really do haveĀ  atexture and flavor somewhere between a really good shrimp and lobster. Nice tender bite with a pop, very sweet flavor.

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