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Bacon and Trigger Fish wrapped Blue Crab!

I paid a visit to the good folks that run the ABSeafood fish delivery truck, and wanted to do something creative with the incredible fish that I got from them.

They had some beautiful trigger fish and fresh caught, picked, never frozen blue crab. I had never had trigger fish but I read that its meat was sweet and had an almost shell fish like texture and flavor. I decided that a bacon wrapped roulad would be a neat challenge so I gave it a shot.

I stared with the trigger fish.

The fillets where not terribly large, so if I was going to use them to make a roulad, I had to stick a few pieces together. Transglutaminase to the rescue once again.

I was able to find a way to get the pieces of fish to overlap so that I ended up with a fairly level, reasonably concentric larger piece.

I mixed up a slurry of the Transglutaminase, applied the slurry to all of the contacting surfaces of the fish, then chamber vacuumed the fish to compress the surfaces together to allow the Transglutaminase to work its magic.

Now I turned my attention to the Crab filling. I really wanted to have a garlic butter element in the crab, so I sealed an amount of Amul Bufflao butter along with some garlic powder into a bag. I

dropped the bag into the sous vide at 129 for about 20 minutes to melt the butter and give it an opportunity to hydrate the garlic powder a little.

I stuch the pouch into the freezer to allow it to set up and make it so I could cut it into chunks that I could fold into the crab so that it was evenly distributed and didnt just pour right out of the crab mixture.

I whisked 2 egg yolks until combined, then poured them into my crab, then chopped the compound garlic butter into little chunks and folded it into the crab mixture.

I made a sealer bag about the size I wanted my crab filling to be then chamer sealed the mixture, then put it in the freezer for a while to allow it to stiffen up so it would cooperate for the wrapping process.

While the crab mixture was setting up in the freezer I made my bacon weave.

After the crab filling had set up, my bacon weave was completed, and my trigger fish was glued together, it was time to bring it all together. I layed down a sheet of industrial cling wrap, put everything into place.

Then rolled carefully, and Then chamber vacuumed into a bag for processing.

I sous vide the roulad at 145 degrees for 1 hour. I was worried that might be too hot for too long for the fish, but I wanted my yolks to set some in the crab mixture, and I wanted to break down the bacon a little bit as well. (As it turned out the Fish was not over done, and was perfectly moist in the end).

Here is the roulad after it came out of the sous vide bath, and had been shocked down in ice water.

I removed the roulad, and placed it on a wire rack over a foil lined baking sheet. The oven was preheated to 475 degrees. I wanted to get that bacon browned some but didnt want to dry out my beautiful fish, so I needed some very high dry heat.

So here we are after a quick trip through the oven. I left it just long enough to put a little browning on the bacon and pulled it. The question now, is will this thing hold together? Will I be able to slice it, or is it just going to fall apart under the knife?

Slicing time. SUCCESS!!!!

I whipped up a cream, garlic, dill sauce to go under the fish on the plate, then fed the kiddos. I had one slice, the kids ate all but one leftover slice!



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  1. David Hicks says:

    Looks great!

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