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Kalbi! Korean Beef Short ribs Sous Vide!

This is a house favorite. Fairly simple to make, and it always gets decimated.

I started with a package of really nice looking side cut beef short ribs.

I mixed up a marinade of Soy Sauce, Mirin, Rice wine vinegar, Brown sugar, one whole pear skin and seeds removed, a large piece of fresh ginger (skin peeled)m one bunch of green onions, one small while onion, Garlic powder, black pepper, and a couple of cloves.

All of the ingredients for the marinade went through the food processor until there where no pieces larger than about a grain of rice.

I poured the marinade into a vaccum bag over top of the short ribs, after arranging the ribs in a single layer.

After vacuuming, I put the bag with the ribs and marinade into the Sous Vide at 140 degrees for 48 hours.

The final step was to move the short ribs onto a sheet pan lined with foil (that sticky marinade will burn onto the pan like crazy!). I used a stainles cooling rack to allow heat to move all around the ribs to whlp dy them out some and let them get tacky.

I placed the ribs under the air conditioning vent and allowed the cool dry air to dry the surface some while I reduced the reserved marinade with the purge liquid.

I added about a teaspoon of corn starch to the marinade and purge liquid to thicken it slightly and brought it to a low simmer to condense and thicken. Once the sause was really sticky I coated the ribs, then placed them low in the oven under a high broiler until the surface was sticky and crunchy!

Now there is nothing left to do but eat!

3 thoughts on “Kalbi! Korean Beef Short ribs Sous Vide!”

  1. Lloyd A Cupiccia says:


    1. Dadbert says:

      It came out REALLY good Lloyd. I have a batch of country style pork ribs (aka cut up pork butt) in the SV now in basically the same marinade.

  2. April says:

    I was there the night he fixed them. They tasted AWESOME! The smell when I walked in the house made my mouth water, but the taste was even better. I’m so lucky to have a boyfriend who is such a GREAT cook!

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