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DadBert Dinners Beef,Sous Vide Simple Sous Vide Strip Steak Dinner! Faux aging is involved!

Simple Sous Vide Strip Steak Dinner! Faux aging is involved!

I spotted a good deal on some nice looking strip steaks at the store the other day. I figured it had been a while since we had steak, so I decided to take them home with me.

I have never tried the Fish sauce Faux aging technique, so I figured why not. I splashed some Red Boat fish sauce on my steaks and made sure they were well coated, then vacuum sealed them to allow them an over night rest in the fridge to accomplish a little brining action.

After the overnight brining, I dropped them into my sous vide at 104 degrees for 4 hours to allow the Faux aging to take place.

After the 4 hour Faux age, I turned the temperature up to 128 degrees, and let it roll for an additional 4 hours.

Once the sous vide pasteurization has completed, I crashed the temperature of the meat down in a sink full of cold water and ice to lower the internal temperature of the meat.

I have been asked several times why I crash the temperature of meat after I have pasteurized, so I will write a bit on my blog about it so I can reference it in future posts.

After the shock down in the ice water bath I seared the steak for some nice crust and color as well as flavor.

One of the great parts of Cooking a perfect sous vide steak, is that due to the shock down treatment, you don’t have to let the meat rest for long, if at all before slicing or serving.

Now there’s nothing left to do, but serve and eat!


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