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DadBert Dinners Seafood,Sous Vide Grouper fillet’s sous vide with sunburst squash and local bicolor corn!

Grouper fillet’s sous vide with sunburst squash and local bicolor corn!

So I had 2 beautiful grouper fillets that I got from an outfit that brings a truck up to us seafood unfortunate land locked folk here in KY. I really wanted to showcase the quality of my score, so I wanted to keep it simple(ish).

I chamber vacuumed the fillets with a 3% by weight dusting of salt and a little fresh cracked black pepper, and a pat of Amul buffalo butter for a couple of days in the fridge.

I applied some gentile Sous vide heat at a rate of 128 degrees for 45 minutes.

Now it is time for a little dry heat. I put the fish under a high broil just to dry the surface a little and add some browning for texture and flavor.

At this point I turned my attention to a sauce. I used the sous vide purge liquid along with some dried slivered onions, cream, minced garlic turned into a paste with the side of a knife and some salt, fresh cracked black pepper, a pinch of cayanne, microplaned fresh nutmeg, and a little chopped fresh dill.

I slowly brought the sauce to a very low bubble and allowed it to reduce until I liked the consistancy.

In the mean time, I halved my “farmers market find” sunburst squash, removed the seeds, put in some butter and brown sugar, then roasted them in the oven at 375 until tender.

I also sous vide the corn after cutting into serving size pieces with some butter, salt, and pepper at 185 degrees for 20 min.

I spooned a little but of the cream sauce over the fish and the potatos, as well as garnished with a little chopped fresh dill.

Now theres nothing left to do but eat!

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