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Bull Shark, it’s whats for dinner!


I discovered a company that makes a trip up here twice a month from the Gulf with loads of fresh seafood. Man, what a great idea!


My first visit to this truck I bought a tray of 4 handmade crab cakes, 5lb of Bull shark, and 2lb of Grouper fillets. This is the good stuff folks, never frozen, very fresh. The meat smells sweet and a hint of salt water smell, no fishy smell at all. Their prices are very reasonable for the quality of the product this far inland.


I wanted to preserve the quality of my fish as best as possible, so I salted the surface of the fish and vacuum sealed, then put it straight into the fridge.


I Sous Vide the Bull Shark at 130 degrees for 30 minutes, then crashed the temperature down in ice water.


I then Seared it on my home made charcoal chimney grill. MAN that thing gets WAY hot.


I used the purge liquid from the fish along with some Amul Indian Buffalo butter to make a creamy sauce to drizzle over the fish and potatoes. If you are unfamiliar with Amul buffalo butter, I highly recommend seeking it about at your local Indian super market. It is like the best European style butter you have ever had. Super rich, with an amazing butter flavor.


I served the Shark with some sous vide potatoes, given a light mash on the serving plate with the back of a fork, just to open them up a little, so that they would accept the fish cream sauce more readily, and some steamed broccoli. I spooned a little bit of the cream sauce over the potato, and the fish. A little fresh chopped dill on top to break up the color a little and enhance flavor.


I have to say, I have had shark on a number of occasions in my life, and I have always loved it. Sous vide and a quick hot sear is the best I have ever had. Most of the kids loved the meal. My middle daughter (my toughest culinary critic), was not so fond, but then again, it was not chicken nuggets or hot dogs. 🙂

Now there is nothing left to do but eat!

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