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Little Scallops into BIG Scallops!

I was trolling through the supermarket, and was trying to think of some sort of cool culinary project to do. I passed the big old sea scallops and wished that they were not SO expensive. Then I saw the little bay scallops, at a fraction of the price. I thought, you know the bay scallops have a great flavor, but they just lack the size and texture of the big sea scallops, why not try and make a big one out of a little one?

I started with 1.5lb of the bay scallops. They smelled clean and sweet.

I applied a little bit of transglutaminase, thenĀ pulsed them in the food processor a few times to break them down a little bit and distribute the transglutaminase.

I packed some of the meat mixture into some large condiment ramekins then vacuum sealed them in the chamber sealer to remove any air bubbles and to prepare for Sous vide cooking.

I processed them via Sous Vide for about 30 min at 129 degrees, then turned them out of the ramekins.

I first attempted to treat them as huge scallops, and sear hot in browned butter. They tasted great, but the texture was a little weird. You can see what I mean in the pictures.

So I sliced one into 3 pieces, and seared them individually.

The texture was much better on the thinner slices.

My takeaway form this little experiment is:

You are not going to replace Sea Scallops with chopped up and glued back together bay scallops. You can make a very different interesting appetizer using this method. It might be interesting to use the scallop slices on top of a garlic crustini, with a garlic aoili topping or something of the sort.

Now all there is left to do is slice and eat!

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