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DadBert Dinners Beef,Sous Vide Little bitty Sous Vide Burger!

Little bitty Sous Vide Burger!

I know the unbelievably huge burger has been done many times, but I had never done one. I ended up using 5lb of some REALLY nice looking store ground 80/20 ground chuck.

One of the challenges of making a huge burger like this is keeping the meat in tact, and getting it done perfectly throughout. This is where Sous Vide REALLY shines for this project. I put all 5lb of ground beef into an 8″ pie tin, seasoned well, then Vacuum Sealed the whole thing together. The pie tin was too big to fit into a conventional vac sealer roll, so I used some of the pleated expandable foodsaver brand roll.

Here is the Meat Puck, in the Sous Vide tank. I gave it 4 hours at 132 degrees to pasteurize.

I slit the bag open, put a cutting board on top, then flipped it over. The Meat Puck slipped right out without any trouble.

I preheated my steel pan searing hot, sprayed with canola oil then (Very quickly) placed it over top of the burger on the cutting board and flipped the cutting board and pan over together allowing the burger to drop into the pan. Luckily I pulled this off without melting my cutting board or burning anything / anyone.

Once I got a sear starting I put it in the oven under a high broiler to sear the top side.

The bun was actually one of the big Hawaiian sweet bun Loafs from the deli section at the grocery store. I had sliced it in half while getting everything else ready, and toasted it under the broiler. I applied a garlic mayo to one half of the bun.

Look at this beastie! Even as big as it is it come out a perfect medium, with just holding together, juicy, crumble in your mouth texture!

Now there’s nothing left to do, but slice and eat!


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