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Frog Strips, not just another chicken strip!

I wanted to try something different. Something I thought no one had tried before. As I browsed my supermarkets meat department, I came across some frog legs at a very inexpensive price point.

I thought to myself, what could I do with these? Self answered me “frog strips of course”.

So away self and I went with a couple of pounds of froglegs.

I deboned them and put them through the food processor with some transglutaminase, lemon juice, salt, garlic powder, and pepper.

After we mixed them up really well I put them into a 6″x8″ chamber vacuum bag and sealed. This made a nice square shape for me to work with post Sous Vide.

I processed them at 129 degrees for 30 minutes for pasteurization and to allow the transglutaminase to work its magic.

After I shocked the temperature down in ice water, I cut the piece into strips. The adheasion was perfect!

I applied an egg wash, then dredged them in a mixture of corn starch, panko bread crumbs, paprikka, garlic powder, salt, msg, and pepper.

After a quick fry in some really hot oil, just to set the crust and make them a nice light golden brown, I drained them on a cooling rack. Nothing left to do but eat!

My conclusions are:

They were very moist and tender. They had great flavor. The kiddos said they were good, but a little “different” (I believe they were comparing them to chicken strips in their minds). I would certainly do it again, especially for guests, if you wanted to give a little wow factor.

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