DadBert Dinners Beef,Pork,Sous Vide Franken Bacon Sirloin part Deux! (More Better)!

Franken Bacon Sirloin part Deux! (More Better)!

The first FrakenSirloin came out with a lot of promise, but I felt missed the mark by a margin. This time I think I am right on track. I worked with my seasoning a bit and my distribution of transglutaminase to get the flavor I wanted as well as my adheasion between layers.

I found that smearing the transglutaminase around the surface with a gloved finger really enhanced the grip between the meat.

I also went with Redboat fish sauce instead of golden mountain sauce this time, I think we all agree it came out better.

I started with some really nice sirloin steaks I got on sale at the grocery store (on sale $4.99lb 😀 )

Applied a drizzle of Redboat, allowed it to soak for about 10min, then blotted it dry. At this point, I applied some garlic powder and fresh ground Tellicherry black pepper corns, as well as a dusting of transglutaminase. After the application of the transglutaminase, I smoothed the coating all around the surface of the steaks

Then turned my attention to the bacon wrap. I did a basket weave on the bacon strips along with a dusting of the transglutaminase, then began wrapping the sirlion.

Now comes the time to vacuum pack to squish all of the layers together, and prep for the sous vide cooking.

Into the hot tub we go.

I Sous Vide for 8 hours at 128 degrees to allow the transglutaminase to work its magic, then gave it 16 hours more at 132 degrees to pasteurize and break down that bacon and sirloin.

At this point we have this nice little jewel.

I pre heated the oven to 450 degrees, put the roast on a stainless wire rack inside of a steam table try to catch the drippings, and allow the heat access to all sides. When I put it into the oven, I switched over to low broil, to assist in browning and crisping of the bacon.

Now, there is nothing left to do but let it rest for a little while, then slice and watch my kids devour!

This seems to be a new family favorite. Rebecca (my 4yr old) says that daddy makes the best chicken in the world!

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