DadBert Dinners Cured,Sous Vide Home Made Chicken Breast Deli Meat!

Home Made Chicken Breast Deli Meat!


The majority of the formed and pressed chicken breast deli meat is ground up and glued back together with a slurry of ingredients of questionable and dubious origins. I wanted to make a Deli meat from scratch, using ingredients of known origin and quantity.

I started our with Some nice lean chicken breast. I Butterflied them to get more surface area so that my seasoning and cure are more evenly distributed through the product.

Sage, thyme, salt, pepper, hickory smoke powder, and garlic are all I added to this one (of course my #1 cure at a 6% to meat weight as well). Transglutaminase was dusted over every surface of the meat to glue it all together. The chicken was then rolled together into one loaf, then Chamber Vacuum sealed twice to remove all of the air pockets between the meat, and to compress the pieces of meat together.

After an over night rest in the fridge to allow the meat to cure, and the Transglutaminase to glue the meat together, I dropped the loaf into the Sous Vide at 148 degrees for 4 hours to allow the meat to pasteurize.

Nothing left to do now but slice and eat!

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