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Franken Sirloin Roast!

So, it is a misconception that marinades penetrate deep into meat if given enough time. The fact is most of the flavors in marinades stay relatively close to the surface of meat when marinated. The exception to this is Sodium (which is how we can cure meats by applying salt to the surface, and the meat is still cured all the way to the bone.)

I started thinking of different ways to get the flavors that I want dispersed deeper and more thoroughly into the meat. Yes, you can inject flavors with a brine pump, but you still only end up with pockets of flavor. Then it occurred to me — what if I “layered” the flavors?

I started with 3.5lb of Sirloin, sliced into 3/8″ thick slices. After I laid all the meat out in a single layer, I brushed on some soy sauce, dusted with garlic powder, onion powder, black pepper, and Transglutaminase.


For those that are not familiar with Transglutaminase, it is commonly referred to in the culinary world as “Meat Glue.” My understanding of how Transglutaminase works is that it unravels the surfaces of protein molecules and allows them to bond. The effect is literally gluing two pieces of protein together.

Link to Wikipedia page for Transglutaminase for more info


Now, back to our show.

After I applied my seasonings and Transglutaminase, I laid the slices of sirloin over one another on top of a thick sheet of food grade plastic and rolled them. Soon the sirloin was rolled into a log shape; I vacuum sealed it in my chamber vacuum and let it rest in the refrigerator overnight to allow the Transglutaminase to do its work.

The next day the Sirloin roll went into the Sous Vide bath at 128 degrees for 6 hours to reach pasteurization and to tenderize a little.

Once the trip through the hot tub was completed, I crashed the internal temperature of the meat in a sink full of ice water, opened the vacuum bag, and moved the meat to a cutting board.

Once my cast iron skillet reached a searing hot temp, I began searing the Sirloin, until all sides had a nice dark sear.

The purpose for crashing the temperature of the meat in ice water before searing is two fold:

One, it keeps the meat out of the temperature range where bacteria grows at an exponential level for the shortest amount of time possible.

Two, it lowers the internal temperature of the piece of meat. Remember that we have already cooked the piece of meat to its perfect temperature of 128 degrees in the sous vide. If we were to transfer it directly to a roaring hot skillet, we would continue to raise the internal temperature of the piece of meat beyond its ideal temperature. By lowering the temperature, we are basically buying some time on direct heat to be able to form a crust.

Once the crust has been formed, I allowed the roast to rest on the cutting board for about 10 minutes to allow the temperatures to equalize and the muscles to relax a little. Then it was time to slice and serve.

Lessons learned with this experiment:

  • The flavor was out of this world. The garlic, onion, and soy sauce flavors were present throughout the entire roast.
  • I need to get some industrial strength food grade plastic wrap. I have to be able to roll the meat up tighter in order to keep all of the “layers” in contact while the Transglutaminase works its magic.
  • I will be doing this again with different cuts and different proteins. (Salmon / Tuna roll anyone?)

My Buddy Lloyd (The Kosher Dosher) has done a lot of roulade’s like this, so I am borrowing a lot of his experience. I encourage all to try it for themselves!

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3 thoughts on “Franken Sirloin Roast!”

  1. Lloyd A Cupiccia says:

    That was awesome!!!!! You gave it a good sear!!! That and some horseraddsih and I would eat the whole thing.

  2. Bevan says:

    What if you tied the roast up with string? That seems to be fairly common practice when something is “stuffed” so it may work with this layered approach and the trans-whatever-stuff.

    1. Dadbert says:

      That is true. Lloyd wraps his rolled projects super tight in 8ndustrial cling wrap.

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