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Last Night’s Dinner! Sous Vide Ribs!

I dusted the ribs with Smoked paprikka, salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, cumin, and corriander. They lived in the Sous Vide setup (AKA “the hot tub”) at 145 degrees for 36 hours. After the spa treatment, I crashed the temperature in a sink full of cold water.

At this point you can freeze them, or go ahead and sauce / broil.

Next comes the sauce. I combined 2c of Hines fancy sauce #57 (ketchup), 1c dark brown sugar, 2TBS of garlic powder, 2TBS onion powder, 1tsp liquid smoke, and the purge liquid from the ribs. Bring to a simmer until all ingredients are “married” and the sauce thickens to desired consistency.

I put the ribs on a cooling rack, then placed them under the AC vent to dry the surface while preparing the sauce.

Once the sauce is completed, I coated the ribs liberally.

The ribs were placed low in the oven meat side up under a high broiler until the sauce becomes thick and begins to blacken on the high points.

End result is sticky crunchy, moist TENDER ribs!

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  1. Off to a great start – looks delicious!

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